The Poetry of Punk

The Poetry of Punk by Gerfried Ambrosch: 1138502340: epub

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  • Full Title: The Poetry of Punk
  • Autor: Gerfried Ambrosch
  • Print Length: 196 pages
  • Publisher: Routledge; 1 edition
  • Publication Date: May 16, 2018
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1138502340
  • ISBN-13: 978-1138502345
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Punk bands have produced an abundance of poetic texts, some crude, some elaborate, in the form of song lyrics. These lyrics are an ideal means by which to trace the developments and explain the conflicts and schisms that have shaped, and continue to shape, punk culture. They can be described as the community’s collective ‘poetic voice,’ and they come in many different forms. Their themes range from romantic love to emotional distress to radical politics. Some songs are intended to entertain, some to express strong feelings, some to provoke, some to spread awareness, and some to foment unrest. Most have an element of confrontation, of kicking against the pricks. Socially and epistemologically, they play a central role in the scene’s internal discourse, shaping communities and individual identities.

The Poetry of Punk is an investigation into the Anglophone punk culture, specifically in the UK and the US, where punk originated in the mid-1970s, its focus being on the song lyrics written and performed by punk rock and hardcore artists.


Editorial Reviews


“Gerfried Ambrosch’s book is a pioneering, comprehensive study of punk culture and music, with a special focus on punk lyrics, that is likely to hold its ground for a long time. It is highly convincing, indeed unique both methodologically and in terms of the wide range of contents and themes it offers. It is academically well-founded, but still accessible to a broader readership in the innovative ways it maps out a tremendously complex, dynamic, and still developing field with consistent reference to a host of original interviews with leading figures of punk, as well as to the lyrics of punk as an essential expression of the (sub)culture’s ideologies.”
– Hugo Keiper, Department of English Studies, University of Graz, Austria

About the Author

Gerfried Ambrosch holds a PhD in English and American Studies from the University of Graz. He spent several years working and researching in London. He currently lives in Vienna, where he works for an international NGO. As a touring musician, he has intimate knowledge of the goings-on in international punk communities.

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