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  • Full Title: Shout It Out Loud: The Story of Kiss’s Destroyer and the Making of an American Icon
  • Autor: James Campion
  • Print Length: 400 pages
  • Publisher: Backbeat
  • Publication Date: October 1, 2015
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1617136182
  • ISBN-13: 978-1617136184
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How does an underground oddity become a cultural phenomenon?ÞFor over 40 years the rock band Kiss has galvanized the entertainment world with an unparalleled blitz of bravado theatricality and shameless merchandizing garnering generations of loyally rabid fans. But if not for a few crucial months in late 1975 and early 1976 Kiss may have ended up nothing more than a footnote.ÞÊShout It Out LoudÊ is a serious examination of the circumstance and serendipity that fused the creation of the band’s seminal work ÊDestroyerÊ ä including the band’s arduous ascent to the unexpected smash hit ÊAlive!Ê the ensuing lawsuits between its management and its label the pursuit of the hot young producer a grueling musical boot camp the wildly creative studio abandon the origins behind an iconic cover the era’s most outlandish tour and the unlikely string of hit singles.ÞExtensive research from the period and insights into each song are enhanced by hundreds of archived materials and dozens of interviews surrounding the mid-’70s-era Kiss and its zeitgeist. New interviews with major principals in the making of an outrageously imaginative rock classic animate this engaging tale.

Editorial Reviews


”If you are a hardcore KISS fan like myself, this book is a must, because there is not a stone unturned capturing this era of the band. What Shout It Out Loud does so well is it covers everything from the record jacket and cover to hearing from the people who worked on the artwork; the detail James Campion paid to this is really remarkable. The book is just phenomenal. It’s a hell of a read.” – Eddie Trunk (Trunk Nation Sirius XM/ Founder and co-host of VH1’s That Metal Show)

”Shout it Out Loud by James Campion is more than a record of a moment in rock and roll history, it is a brilliant apprentice handbook on how to handle a rock-band, build a recording career, create a particular sound and all the necessary elements that are needed to do that. You are there in the studio, at the control board, fiddling with the amps, placing the microphones, hunting for a calliope, dealing with massive egos… And by the end you know exactly why he has a 382 page book, because that it what it takes to get it all down, every last nuance, every fact checked in the making of an iconic album. Just think of what Campion could do with Pet Sounds…” – Sam Hawksmore,

”Shout It Out Loud begins as a forensic examination of KISS’s Destroyer, but it ends up as more than a book about an album, KISS, or even the metal tributary of ’70s rock. It’s a testament to music, how it’s engineered, and how social phenomena crystallize and snowball; it’s about youth, collective archetypes, and tapping into them; it’s about America the Disaffected, entertainment, pop culture, and escapism. And if you heard KISS growing up and still remember shrink-wrapped albums and cover art worthy of a wall, it’s about you.” – Vincent Czyz – Art Fuse Magazine

”The making of Destroyer reveals much about the band and its members. From the drinking and drug use of two members and the unexpected tea totaler to the songs that made it to the album, Campion writing and history will capture any fan’s attention….Shout It Out Loud is an excellent look at the evolution of one of the most recognizable bands in rock history.” –Evilcyclist’s Blog

”Author, James Campion, spoke to pretty much everyone involved in the production side of the album from Ezrin himself to engineers, managers and Ken Kelly; he cleverly puts multiple accounts of certain stories down which sometimes conflict but leaves it to the reader to decide who they want to believe. The coda of the book was that the album eventually became a massive hit (up to four million sold) and put KISS on the map for the next forty years. After digestion of this detailed and surely definitive book, the net impression was that nearly everyone came out of the ‘Destroyer’ sessions for the better.” – Fireworks Magazine

A detailed – and then some – account of the landmark album that ensured Kiss would be rocking and rolling for longer than just ”all nite.” –Macomb Daily News

”Campion’s recounting of the Destroyer days…is rich and multi-voiced…Campion takes care to separate KISS as ‘The Act’ (his term) in image and career path to fame and fortune from the musical development of Destroyer, though they were always kissin’ cousins. ”Destroyer is the indisputable KISS mission statement the realization of a dream,” he writes in the book’s foreword. ”[It] is ’70s rock: loud, yes, and decadent, you bet, but mostly it is pompous, weird, and fantastical…It is a cartoon fantasy’s parody of excess.” And with Shout It Out Loud, current and former soldiers in the KISS Army can find out all they care to on the making of their masterpiece.” –Houston Press

About the Author

JAMES CAMPION (Northern New Jersey) is the managing editor of the Reality Check News and Information Desk, a contributing editor for the Aquarian Weekly, and a columnist for the Huffington Post. He has covered music, sports, and politics since the 1980s and has written extensively on pop culture and rock and roll for the past 18 years. He lives with his wife, Erin, daughter, Scarlet, three insane cats, and a gaggle of wild turkey. This is his sixth book.

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